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Professional maintenance of a website: the main characters in the background

Creating a website and related applications is a huge investment in terms of time and money. From conception to programming and design to online marketing, your company can stand out from the competition with a professional web presence. The prerequisite is: everything works. If not, that's a problem. A pretty big one. That is why data backup, data protection and data maintenance are just as important to us as the development itself. Because the success of your website is only ensured with backup solutions and regular updates.

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Our services: So that WordPress backup and updates become a well-rounded affair

The close2 backup package

As a full-service agency, we take a very close look at every area of ​​your digital presence - from development to design to SEO. We also regularly check every detail when we look "behind the scenes". When it comes to automatic data backup, our services include::

  • Backups take place daily / weekly / monthly (depending on the application scenario).
  • Backups are monitored 24/7, and in the event of failures we are immediately alerted via several channels (including SMS).
  • Data restore in no time
  • Verification of the functionality through damage simulation, import of the backup within 48 hours
  • We have our own servers (in-house/cloud) for automatic data backup - also for the website of a small company

The close2 update package

In order to guarantee functionalities and to be able to withstand the technology, the software must always be up-to-date, i.e. work with the latest version. Our offer includes:

  • Includes the close2 backup package
  • The monthly review of CMS core updates (WordPress and Joomla systems) and plugin updates, i.e. minor updates that fix minor errors in the software product
  • Implementation of updates on the live server on a monthly basis
  • Renewal of the SSL certificate
  • Gathering and analyzing information about external influences provided by hosters and CMS sites
  • Internal documentation or creation of a protocol in which step sequence the check takes place

Backups: Better to have than need

It's such a thing with backups - everyone knows how important they are and yet the topic is often ignored. Until nothing works anymore and the all-important questions are in the room: What about data backup, how fast is the restoration, is there a loss of data? The reaction is either shock or relief.  

As a digital agency, we see the professional and holistic backup of your data as an integral part of web development. We are specialized in the backup of any web application: Whether CMS, shop, pure databases or individual web applications - we configure, for example, the WordPress backup in such a way that a recovery works safely and quickly. And we work with the backup plugin BackWPup, for example.

Hacker attack: A horror scenario

Imagine you have put a lot of money and time into your website. Concept, images, hosting, architecture, design, programming, shop, direct links, everything works. Your work is your digital figurehead and your sales tool right from the start and then: a professional hacker attack on your files or unsuccessful updates will ruin everything. From now on everything is gone. The only solution – without a backup: everything from scratch. 

Should a hacker attack nevertheless occur, or a technical problem arise, we will act as quickly as possible and carry out a data restore. Our experts can import a complete backup within 48 hours. Thanks to the cloud backup and the data secured with it, updates can be made regularly for your site carry out - and without any worries.

Cloud backups: 24/7 monitoring

We at close2 leave the data backup to you for your site not by chance. We play it safe right from the start with cloud backups, which guarantee 24/7 monitoring and seamless backups - this includes in particular complete web spaces (secured via encrypted SFTP connections) or SQL databases (secured via an SSH tunnel that is also encrypted) . Our range of backup options is large, including full backups, incremental backups, differentiated backups, synthetic backups, etc. - we choose the most suitable backup method for your application with a sensible backup retention strategy. A loss of data is neither in our interest nor in the interest of our customers - it costs time, money and far too many nerves.

Updates and maintenance: A powerful combination

Version updates of CMS websites and PHP or updates to the database engine are collected under the generic term "updates".  

Updates are required to close security-related gaps in the versioning of a CMS (Content Management System). This in turn prevents hackers from taking over a web application – and possible legal and financial consequences that arise, among other things, if the attack was identified too late and therefore not acted upon quickly enough. 

With PHP or database updates, the update aims to improve (technical) functionalities of PHP versions, JavaScript libraries, TypeScript etc. as well as the connected databases and their management systems (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Oracle Database, etc.) to ensure. When it comes to maintenance, on the other hand, the update refers to the content, i.e. texts and haptics.     

Updates: Gimmick or Necessity?

There's no question: updates are essential. If you now only have the updates for new versions of the applications in mind, you have to think one step ahead: New functionalities, database updates and PHP version updates are necessary to close security gaps, avoid functional failures and protect the technology from attacks and to back up. 

If the manufacturer provides a hotfix or quick fix, i.e. a software update, we keep an eye on it, we know about the major updates - i.e. updates that affect the first or second digit of the software version - and about the minor updates that fix blemishes or minor bugs in the software product. 

Doubly valuable:
Be on the safe side with professionals

Backups and updates are essential - you ask yourself why it is not enough if you take on the topic conscientiously? Because there are also professionals at the “other end”. Only if your site is professionally maintained is it also extensively protected, because hackers wouldn't be hackers if they didn't enjoy challenges, especially hacking databases.

The 24/7 monitoring of the websites of close2 customers also has legal advantages. Because if your site is used after a hacker attack to send spam mails or as part of a hacker network to distribute viruses, this can cause high financial damage. We take this uncertainty away from you. 

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Why is the topic of WordPress backup and updates so important to us?

When it comes to backups and updates, there are still many misconceptions that, in the worst case, have to be paid for dearly . Here is a summary of 10 reasons why you should always be up to date on this:

WordPress Backup & Update - Liability & Security

In the event of damage, the hoster will already have a backup and will be able to restore my data!

Not every hoster offers this service, there can be unpleasant surprises.

WordPress Backup & Update - Liability & Security

Once a good website, always a good website!

Unfortunately, it's not that simple. A commercially used website must be up-to-date to protect its visitors from harm.

WordPress Backup & Update - Liability & Security

With the WordPress backup from the file server I am on the safe side!

No Have you thought about the database backup?

WordPress Backup & Update - Liability & Security

My website was created by professionals for a lot of money, the investment should pay off for at least a few years!

Programming languages ​​and browser compatibility are constantly changing - if you don't maintain and update your website regularly, you run the risk of it being displayed with errors or not at all. And that can happen faster than you think.

WordPress Backup & Update - Liability & Security

If everything looks good on the outside, it fits!

What the user sees is one thing. But not only the front end is important, but also the system on the server, which must be kept up to date. What's the use of a fancy car if the engine doesn't work? If you want to make a difference with your site and earn money, the backend, i.e. the WordPress backup, must also be top.

WordPress Backup & Update - Liability & Security

Which hacker should be interested in my site?

In principle: everyone. A hacker attack is not personal enmity, not a vendetta against you. Hackers have only one mission, and that is to cause damage. And that can hit you just like anyone else running a website.

WordPress Backup & Update - Liability & Security

It's not my fault if a visitor gets infected with a virus on my site, is it?

Yes, you are responsible for it! As the operator of a website, it is your responsibility to guarantee the user a secure environment. 

WordPress Backup & Update - Liability & Security

If I run my website on a professional server, I'm on the safe side!

That's how it should be, of course, but as we see it in the huge companies: a server failure can happen. Rarely, but it happens. Also, you should never save the primary backup of the site on the webspace of the site itself, but outsource it to another location.      

WordPress Backup & Update - Liability & Security

I have read myself well and always do all updates immediately!

The large number of changes and updates to software is difficult to keep track of. As a digital agency, our monitoring tools give us a comprehensive overview of the necessary WordPress backups and, above all, we can act quickly. 

WordPress Backup & Update - Liability & Security

If not this update, then the next one!

With a commercial website, backups and updates should not be made on a whim, but on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, as the case may be. If you invest a lot of money in your digital presence, you should keep it up to date regularly – and not risk having to start all over again from scratch

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WordPress Backup & Update - Liability & Security

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WordPress Backup & Update - Liability & SecurityWordPress Backup & Update - Liability & SecurityWordPress Backup & Update - Liability & SecurityWordPress Backup & Update - Liability & SecurityWordPress Backup & Update - Liability & Security