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See and be seen thanks to search engine optimization

To increase leads, sales and revenues, your company must not only be visible, but also reach the right target group. Our holistic SEO strategy includes various measures, including OnPage and OffPage optimization, as well as individual competitor analyses. These evaluations show us exactly what potential is still unused - and exactly with this we optimize your website as SEO agency, in the long term. 

SEO Agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH

Eyes on SEO, because great design must be seen!

Imagine that your website has been designed according to all the rules of the art of design - every customer is impressed by the visual appearance of your company (by the way: we can also do web design that inspires!). But what if the customer has been working with you for a long time and has only looked at your website because it is in your signature? Surely your goal is that potential new customers become aware of you when searching the web - and if possible directly on the first page of Google & Co., combined with a determined click on the page and a successful (purchase) conclusion.

The customer journey of an interested and for the time being "open to all suggestions" user mostly starts on Google or on another search engine. Based on the selected keywords, relevant content is displayed to the user, either as paid ads or organic results. Google Ads are marked as ads and are the result of targeted SEA work. Organic content is the result of a comprehensive, ongoing, cost-efficient and sustainable SEO strategy with the goal of increasing visibility in organic search.

In combination, SEO and SEA cover important components of online marketing. The mission of our SEO consulting is to make your website discoverable for potential customers who are looking for solutions to their problems and questions or areas of interest on the first organic positions - because these enjoy the greatest trust and are clicked on first. The page two is similar to the fourth place in an important competition: being there is not everything.

SEO Agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH
SEO Agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH

Our optimization services,
Your profit

We have a tax consultant.

Because we invest our time in the topics we are really good at and with which we in turn present profitable results to other people.

Not everyone needs to have expert knowledge in every field - if you are already familiar with the topic of SEO, we can go into more depth and technical language during the initial discussions, if you are just starting out in this matter, we will go through all the details with you during our SEO consultation.

The services of our SEO agency include:

OnPage optimization

OnPage optimization is also known as technical SEO. We analyze your website and its architecture based on crucial technical, structural and content factors that play into findability, reach and in terms of leads generated. From experience, it is particularly important for us to review and analyze the current state of your site in detail. The foundation must be "healthy" and expandable - if the basic structure has flaws, the overall construct is on very thin ice. To work on such cracks afterwards is possible, but costs a lot of time and money - which we prefer to put into the actual search engine optimization.:

  • Faster load time speed (mobile and desktop), which increase usability
  • Internal link structure
  • URL structure
  • Meta data (titles and descriptions)
  • Alt tags
  • H structure

OffPage optimization

In OffPage optimization, we look at the backlink building, i.e. the linking from other websites to your content. In particular, we analyze the quality and number of links, because these determine the ranking of your website significantly and influence - also in the form of recommendations - your relevance.:

  • Restore high quality but broken links
  • Removal of bad / harmful links
  • Measures for gaining new, value-added links through high-quality PR activities on Google and other major search engines Gaining new, high-quality links

Keyword analysis

To optimize a website, it helps to put yourself in the position of the user: How great is the joy when Google suggests exactly what we searched for with just a few terms? Huge! For this to happen, not only the actual keywords are important. In addition, Google also takes into account the user's search intention. So that your website is at the top of the list:

  • Let's research keywords that match the search intent of your target audience
  • Let's analyze all the content relevant to your target audience
  • Let's match this with the general search volume and potential
  • Let's check for which keywords your competition currently leads the ranking on Google and other search engines

Competitor analysis

Competition stimulates business - we extend this proverb: competition stimulates visibility and thus business! So, looking to the right and left is not only interesting, but also quite important for your own success. The analysis of the pages of company websites of the same industry gives us information about how we can optimize your page:

  • Improve visibility in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)
  • Closing content gaps
  • Checking the backlink profile of your site including follow and no-follow links

Local SEO

If your business is regionally focused, we can help you gain an important digital home advantage - and of course not just in Munich, where our SEO agency is based. We make sure that no matter where your business is based, you are seen and you attract the right audience, because local is where you are! This can be in smaller towns or metropolises of millions - nationally and internationally! Local SEO is extremely important and relevant if you want to position your website organically at the top of Google and other major search engines.

  • Support with the creation of the Google My Business profile
  • Optimization of the Google My Business profile
  • Local SEO OnPage optimization
  • Entry in relevant business directories 

SEO texts / content marketing

When it comes to your product, you want your company to be found in the top ranks of search engines. When it comes to your website content, you want users and potential customers to perceive you as a trustworthy expert. We transform your specifications and your expert knowledge into content that is quickly found and read with pleasure.

  • Keyword and search intent aligned texts
  • Semantic analysis (WDF*IDF analysis) 
  • Relevance to search intent, to increase dwell time, and error-free and user-friendly preparation
  • Formation of Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages 

Why you should choose us

When looking for an SEO agency, there is a lot to choose from. How nice that you are reading our texts at this moment - perhaps directly on recommendation (many thanks to your contact!) or by entering keywords in Google and Co. If you have found us via a search engine, we do a little self-PR at this point, because you are the best proof that our strategy for self-optimization has worked great!

And that brings us to our first argument why you should work with us: Because we are experts in online marketing and already show our (potential) customers what is possible with our own website. We are visible and reach the right target group - and that's exactly what we also implement for you and your company with ambition.

It is especially important to us that we advise you - even if we offer one-off SEO packages - in the long term. Together we develop a sensible, individual strategy that is not only effective in the short term, but should be successful in the long term. To this end, we create transparent reports that are also our analysis tool for the further development and optimization of your website. By transparency, we also mean that we always consult with you and obtain approval for the implementation.

SEO Agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH

Cooperation goals:

Higher ranking position - the dominant presence

Through a better ranking position in the search engines, we increase your findability in the long term and sustainably. The increase in reach and the increase in organic traffic play a decisive role.

Better findability - generate sales with keywords

Through keyword research and the identification of relevant keywords, your website will become more discoverable to potential customers and your relevant target audience, thus increasing relevant traffic to your site and leading to an increased conversion rate in the form of greater sales and more leads.

Rising authority - promoting expertise with relevant content

Whoever can position himself as an expert enjoys trust and is gladly recommended to others. We check your relevant content with regard to its SEO qualities and thus increase your authority on the web. This generates high-quality backlinks and referral links - this snowball system achieves visible results around the year. The mission: Promote expertise with relevant content.

SEO Agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH

Our process for collaboration

SEO Agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH
  • Creation of one or more analyses
  • Familiarization with your topics and your subject matter
  • Comparison with competition and verification of potential
  • Evaluation actual state
  • Creation of an individual concept - because cross-industry standard designs are not a solution for us
SEO Agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH
  • Strategy creation 
  • Setting the goals
  • Clarification of questions 
  • Discussion of possible trends and developments 
  • Creation of a foundation that leaves room and space for agile action
  • At this time you share your login details with us as well as required information
SEO Agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH
  • Implementation of quick wins, fast results
  • Continuous advice 
  • Realization of further, planned SEO measures 
  • Advice on the priority of OnPage and OffPage optimizations, technical SEO, link building and content marketing measures.
SEO Agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH
  • Transparent reporting - monthly or in shorter/individually determined intervals
  • Further planning, updating and adjustment of the strategy
  • Continuous monitoring of results and successes
  • Possible change of strategy 
  • Agile work and regular contact


We think questions are good and are happy to answer each and every one, because it helps us get to know you and your intentions a little better and gives you the opportunity to get a better impression of us.

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SEO Agency Munich // close2 new media GmbHSEO Agency Munich // close2 new media GmbHSEO Agency Munich // close2 new media GmbHSEO Agency Munich // close2 new media GmbHSEO Agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH