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Dynamic, safe, well thought-out

Static websites are a thing of the past. Today, web development means creating software for web applications, web services and websites while guaranteeing security, functionality and ease of use. Our agency develops structured, maintainable B2B and B2C websites in various programming languages and with different technologies. We accompany you from the planning to the live phase - no matter whether you choose CMS, CRM and store systems or individual software.

Web development agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH

Web development - what is it?

Web development is the programming of applications, services and websites - simple and complex in nature - for the Internet. Both back-end and front-end. In order to develop the software according to today's dynamic requirements, web developers must be fluent in programming languages and master various technologies. And above all, create a coherent concept that is attentive to detail. Only then can the software make the difference in the market.

What we value

Individual services for individual customer needs

The close2 web development team is your contact for professional web development. Our agency offers you a concept that does not just check off individual services, but brings them together and turns them into a coherent overall picture.

Custom programming

Each project must reflect the specifics of the client, so we do not develop a one-size-fits-all solution, but individual websites for a wide variety of requirements and objectives.


We observe trends and think sustainably. Currently, more than 70% of Internet users are mobile, so we develop software that is not only optimized for smaller devices after the fact, but is designed from the ground up for mobile.

Modern web technologies

We offer you powerful and timeless websites that will stay with you forever, which is why we also specialize in all CMS, CRM and store systems used on the market, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopware, Magento, WooCommerce and many more.

Highest quality

We attach great importance to comprehensive unit tests, continuous integration and test-driven development in order to minimize errors and bugs. Particularly in the case of complex individual software, the applications are tested in detail before production. Because even developers can make a mistake sometimes - but there is a technical solution for that.


Even before we start, we use best practices in programming to eliminate security vulnerabilities. However, making a website as secure as possible requires a professional with a lot of experience, of which we have a whole team.


We advise you (legally without obligation, because there are specialists for that, too) on the topic of data protection so that your website meets the high DSGVO requirements, including imprint, consent manager and opt-ins for foreign third-party tools.


Our agency is characterized by flexibility and agility. We adapt to individual requirements and new, forward-looking trends in web development. We implement new technologies, features and modules quickly - with sense and understanding.

Maintenance and support

The long-term success of your website lies in its regular maintenance and security checks, which makes the difference of a professional internet presence - and a professional agency that accompanies you even after completion.

Web development agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH

Our plus services

So that your website becomes a round thing

A long-term successful site is the result of many optimized individual components. Each element is important in itself, but only in interaction we achieve more attention, better numbers and high rankings and sales, downloads, etc. That's why we also have experts in design (web design and corporate design), UI/UX and marketing (SEO and SEA) in the team. They are specialists in their field, but team players who always think of the big picture.

Web development agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH

Our web developers are professionals

As a web developer you have to be a bit of everything, so our team is accordingly colorful. We have more than 15 years of experience in full-stack development and use this expertise to assess and implement trends and developments. We don't propose one-size-fits-all solutions, but create individual, innovative concepts for web development. Our cooperation with you consists of four phases: planning (consulting), development, testing and live phase. We are happy to accompany you beyond that.

Web development agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH

The collaboration

From the beginning to the end - before and after

Web development for us means to accompany you in all phases - from the beginning to the completion and beyond that by support and maintenance services.

In the planning phase, we create recommendations for action based on analyses (e.g. usability analysis). After coordination, we move into the development phase, then into the test phase, and finally into the live phase. Interfaces for data transfer are defined and automated as much as possible. With our web hosting, you are on the safe and efficient side for the long term.

Technologies and programming languages

You don't have to understand the programming languages - that's what our experts are for. However, it is important for us to communicate transparently with our clients so that together we can find the best solutions and develop successful websites.

Modern communication

Technologies: CSS, SQL
Programming language: PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJS, Python
Broad know-how: Git (version management), Vagrant/Docker (development environment), Dev-Ops know-how (server configuration)

PHP framework Laravel

Our web developers don't program for short-term flights of fancy, but for sustainable success. By using frameworks like Laravel, we ensure that our code is always well-structured and maintainable.

Content Management System (CMS)

We set up your website with a CM system if it makes sense, so that you or your team can maintain the content yourself and make simple content adjustments. This saves time and money. Of course, we also offer training.

Agile software development

Our agency also implements agile software development, which means we continuously deliver software that quickly responds to changes in the environment or your specific requirements.

Integration of online store systems

Depending on the industry you work in and what the goal of your internet presence is, we also integrate online store systems into your presence. We work with WooCommerce, Shopware and Magento, among others.

Web development agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH

Frontend vs. backend
Which is which?

Front-end development

Simply put, the front end is where we work on the things that are visible to the user. This user interface consists of design and programming.

Backend development

Everything that happens on the data access level and is not visible to the user, i.e. the work behind the scenes. Frontend and backend interact: Everything that happens on the frontend stage is loaded onto the server in the background.

Web development agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH

The price for a website is…

…as individual as each order.

Each company has different complex needs and specific requirements, which is the basis of our offer. Feel free to contact us for an initial consultation!


We think questions are good and are happy to answer each and every one, because it helps us get to know you and your intentions a little better and gives you the opportunity to get a better impression of us.

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Web development agency Munich // close2 new media GmbHWeb development agency Munich // close2 new media GmbHWeb development agency Munich // close2 new media GmbHWeb development agency Munich // close2 new media GmbHWeb development agency Munich // close2 new media GmbH