Full-service, full-stack, full programming power ahead!

From A as in API connection to Z as in payment provider - close2 is your agile partner for all aspects of programming and developing web applications, websites and apps. Whether in the frontend or backend, our team consists of experienced all-rounders who specialize in various web technologies. Our full-stack developers develop customized, forward-looking and goal-oriented solutions for you and your company.

Professional agency for web development // close2 new media GmbH

The exchange, in direct conversation on site in our agency in Munich or via one of the many modern means of communication, is especially important to us. Our developers are not introverted experts, but day-active employees who explain technologies and steps of development in a way that is easy to understand. Another plus: they get along excellently with our designers. So you can be sure that we not only market full service, but also implement it.

Web development

Positive reactions in every respect

We develop structured and maintainable websites - for private individuals, B2B or B2C companies. Our consulting is forward-looking and our implementation flexible, so we can react quickly to new developments and requirements. Our services include:

  • Individual programming - so that your digital presence/your digital presence makes an impression
  • Responsive web design - so that your website adapts to any device
  • Modern and future-proof web technologies - so that you are always one step ahead of the competition

Whether it's a simple setup or a highly complex project, you can get an impression of the range of our web development here/at our references.

Professional agency for web development // close2 new media GmbH

Content Management Systems

New or existing - with individuality to the goal

We have grown up with WordPress: For over a decade we have been working with WordPress and other CM systems (Joomla, Drupal) and know all the tricks to create, edit and display digital content with you in a target-oriented way. In addition, we develop individual themes and plugins, because purchased templates are just what they promise: a standardized template. We provide:

  • WordPress professionals with many years of experience
  • Support for multilingualism
  • Individual, cross-industry solutions

You have the feeling that your existing project is not running optimally? We are also specialized in this, we take over your website in its current state and achieve the desired target state.

Professional agency for web development // close2 new media GmbH

E-commerce / Shop

Beautifully simple on the outside, quite complicated on the inside

Your website should not only be a virtual business card, but also a professional store? We advise you in the selection (WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento), support you during the entire set-up or integration process and transform complex e-commerce systems into simple, appealing shopping experiences through:

  • Concept, design and programming
  • Connection to various payment service providers
  • Integration of your individual merchandise management
  • Integration of third-party providers for customer ratings
  • Interfaces to Google Shopping

Through cooperation with the Händlerbund and Trusted Shops, we ensure that your e-commerce business is safe and successful.

Professional agency for web development // close2 new media GmbH

App development

How do you stand out from your competition?

Through apps with excellent user experience, ease of use and sleek, user-friendly design. These features stand out in applications such as shopping and navigation apps, service provider mediation and games, and social networks. Our apps for iOS and Android also take advantage of the device's own hardware (camera, motion sensors) to enhance the mobile experience. Our service offering:

  • Screen design of all app screens, splash screens, app icons as well as construction of the app prototypes
  • Selection of the best platform solution in the context of Apple and Google programming.
  • Project-related selection of web app, hybrid app or native app
  • Verification through vendor-specific test systems and rollout of beta versions
  • Introduction and maintenance of the apps in the corresponding app stores
  • Response to customer feedback
  • Application of statistical systems for the analysis of app usage
  • App landing page setup


Professional agency for web development // close2 new media GmbH

Newsletter programming

Getting the action going thanks to the right approach

Newsletters are a great tool - but only if they are well thought out and professionally set up in every respect and, of course, also comply with the GDPR guidelines. We advise you on a successful newsletter concept that suits both your company and your customers. If you already use an email provider, we will of course support you with that, too! Our know-how includes:

  • Create a screen design template for your email newsletter
  • Programming of a newsletter template with responsive web design and optimal mapping in various e-mail clients
  • Creation of various elements such as table of contents, animation, sound and fonts
  • Adaptation to newsletter software providers and self-management (CleverReach, MailChimp, Inxmail)
  • Newsletter editorial plan creation for campaigns with personalization, Google Analytics tracking, deferred sending, spam scoring, mail automation.
  • Compliance with DSGVO guidelines (integrated imprint, unsubscribe link, link to the web version, double opt-in integration on the website).

The success of a newsletter is not only reflected in the right programming, but also in the design and marketing. As a full-service agency, we make the expertise of our respective experts available to you.

Professional agency for web development // close2 new media GmbH

Backup and maintenance

Play it safe

Just like your car, production equipment or high-tech devices, your website needs to be maintained regularly and backups need to be made. Any mistake can cost you money, customers and especially nerves, that's why we offer:

  • Daily backups
  • GDPR compliance
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • SSL certificate renewal
  • CMS Core updates and plugin updates

You are liable for the security of your website - ignorance does not protect you from punishment. We know from years of experience exactly what is important and act with foresight.

Professional agency for web development // close2 new media GmbH


So that the programming project becomes a holistic success

Only a few non-developers speak programming languages. This is neither surprising nor reprehensible. That's why consulting work is particularly important for programming projects. By the way, programmers can also benefit from our consulting work, because only those who continue their education and can assess new trends in terms of their benefits and quality are successful in the fast-moving digital age. We, too, remain true to the principle of continuing education and are always curious - and are very happy to let you participate!

At the beginning there are many important decisions to be made regarding the selection and evaluation of a tech stack, because software development is a complex topic - this phase shapes the entire development and programming process in the long run. To ensure that your website meets your requirements 100% - technically and visually - we advise you professionally in all areas and make sure that we find a common (programming) language that leads to success.

Programming languages
CMS // shop systems
Technologies // Tools

What counts for us

Cooperation on an equal footing is very important to us. We make our first contribution with an individual consultation during which we answer your questions and give you an insight into the various development and programming possibilities for your needs. We look forward to you contacting us!

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Professional agency for web development // close2 new media GmbH

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Professional agency for web development // close2 new media GmbHProfessional agency for web development // close2 new media GmbHProfessional agency for web development // close2 new media GmbHProfessional agency for web development // close2 new media GmbHProfessional agency for web development // close2 new media GmbH