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In this blog post we want to give you the BMWi funding for digital transformation introduce and show you, what benefits we you and your company as authorized go-digital agency can bring.

  • go-digital promotion
  • go-digital promotion
  • go-digital promotion
  • go-digital promotion
  • go-digital promotion
go-digital promotion
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What is go-digital all about?

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that offers Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) the so-called go-digital Financial support which ones from the service provider EURONORM GmbH is supported. The background to the funding is the advancement of digitization. The Federal Ministry subsidizes SMEs with a grant of up to 16,500 euros, that do not have to be repaid.

go-digital promotion
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Who and what is funded?

Small and medium-sized companies are primarily supported. In doing so, the Promotion on five modules with the following topics:

  • Module 1: digitization strategy

The funding includes consulting services for the development and implementation of a company-specific digitization strategy, which includes the introduction of new digital business models, processes and technologies as well as the handling of data. The consulting should not be aimed at the launch of a specific product and should use agile and co-creative methods. Customer needs, feasibility, risks and economic implications should be considered.

  • Module 2: Data competence - go-data

The module promotes consulting and implementation services for SMEs in order to enable active participation in the data economy. Companies should be enabled to make better economic use of their data and to take advantage of the potential benefits of connecting their own and external data sources. The advice must take legal and security aspects into account and increase the company's sensitivity to the use of future AI-relevant data.

  • Module 3: IT security

The funding includes consulting and implementation measures to improve IT security and data protection for SMEs and trades. The advice should integrate measures for the implementation of generally recognized protection goals and be based on a risk and security analysis. The funding takes the form of an SME-friendly audit.

  • Module 4: Digitized business processes

The module aims to digitize work processes in the company by introducing secure electronic processes. The funding includes advice on the introduction of e-business software solutions for companies and their secure handling between companies and customers/business partners as well as the conception and implementation of necessary measures. Sub-process advice is also possible.

  • Module 5: Digital market development

The module promotes advice on how to improve online marketing of companies in order to increase sales and increase competitiveness. The funding includes the development of a company-specific online marketing strategy and accompanying implementation measures by a consultant. The initial construction and adaptation of an existing website is excluded.

go-digital promotion
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Prerequisite for a grant

The following Requirements must be met for a company to be eligible:

  • It's about a small or medium-sized company (SMEs)
  • The company has a permanent establishment or branch in Germany
  • Are in the company less than 100 employees
  • The annual turnover or the annual balance sheet total for the previous year is maximum 20 million euros
  • It is a matter of no club or anything like that

Within the In the last three tax years, no aid was received in excess of EUR 200,000 (the eligibility according to the De minimis regulation is given).

How does close2 support me as a go-digital agency?

We do all the paperwork to you. You have to have us only provide a few documents and we do the rest. Our process is as follows:

  • Advice: 

Together we will look at your digitization project and see how we can best implement the project.

  • Project application: 

We will create a project and consulting plan for you, including time and financial expenses. Then fill out the application for you and check that everything is there

  • Funding notice:

Based on all relevant conditions, which we have checked in advance, we will submit your funding notification and we will keep you up to date on the current application status.

  • Project start:

After the application has been submitted, we have to wait 6-8 weeks before a grant is approved. As soon as this is done, we start with the implementation.

  • Funding:

After the project has been completed, we will work with you to create a project report, which we will submit to the BMWi. The funding is paid directly to our consulting company and you only have to pay your own contribution and the VAT of the total volume.


If you are unsure whether your company is eligible or how to do your dito tackle spiritual transformation, contact us. Especially with such bureaucratic issues, a certified go-digital agency, like us, are brought on board so that nothing stands in the way of your project. Together we will check whether you are eligible, work out a plan with you on how we can best master your challenge and implement this plan together with you. We are at your side as consultants and implementers. Just get in touch with one of our experts.

go-digital promotion go-digital promotion