Why is a code review important?

Find out why it's important to do a code review and what the benefits are in this blog post.

  • Why is a code review important?
  • Why is a code review important?
  • Why is a code review important?
  • Why is a code review important?
  • Why is a code review important?
Why is a code review important?

What is meant by code?

In computer programming , the term " computer code " refers to a set of instructions or a system of rules written in a specific programming language .

A number of different programming languages ​​are used to write code these days, each with their own advantages and applications for which they are most commonly used, e.g. PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python , etc.

What does code merging mean?

Code merging is an important aspect of software development . It allows multiple software developers to incorporate changes into their code base . Before code merging, the code changes must be reviewed and tested.

What are code reviews?

Code reviews are methodical code assessments designed to find bugs, improve code quality , and help developers learn the source code .

After a software developer has finished coding , code review is an important step in the software development process to get a second opinion on the solution and implementation.

The validator can also act as a second step in identifying bugs, logic problems, uncovered edge cases, or other problems.

Why are code reviews important?

Developing a solid code review process lays the foundation for continuous improvement and prevents unstable code from being shipped to customers. Code reviews should be part of a software development team's workflow to improve code quality and ensure that each piece of code has been reviewed by a different team member.

Benefits of Code Review

  1. Share knowledge
    During the review, team members better understand the code base and learn from each other
  2. Detect mistakes earlier
  3. Increase in security
    Code reviews provide a high level of security, especially when security experts perform a targeted review.
  4. Increases collaboration
    Discussions keep team members from isolating themselves and bring them closer together.
  5. Improve code quality
    Code reviews are an important way to ensure that high-quality code is delivered. A person familiar with the code base can identify code quality issues that automated tests may miss. It can even help reduce technical debt.
  6. Compliance with coding standards
    Code Review helps maintain a consistent code style across the organization.

Disadvantages of Code Review

  1. Longer delivery time
    Review time could delay the publishing process as reviewers need to work with authors to discuss issues
  2. Distraction from other tasks
    Developers often have a heavy workload, and a code review can distract them from other high-priority tasks for which they are responsible.
  3. Extensive exams mean longer exam times

What should be considered in code reviews?

  • Design:
    Is the code well designed? Is it suitable for the system?
  • Functionality:
    Does the code behave as the author probably intended? Is the behavior of the code good for its users?
  • Complexity:
    Could the code be simplified? Would another developer be able to easily understand and use this code if they came across it in the future?
  • Testing:
    Does the code have correct and well-designed automated tests?
  • Designation:
    Has the developer chosen unique names for variables, classes, methods, etc.?
  • Comments:
    Are the comments understandable and helpful?
  • Style:
    Does the code comply with the style guides?
  • Documentation:
    Has the developer also updated the associated documentation?

How should code review comments be written?

  • Friendly.
  • Explain what was thought when making the comment.
  • Strike a balance between explicit instructions and just pointing out problems, and leave the decision to the developer.
  • Encourage developers to simplify or add comments to the code rather than explain the complexity.

Improve the code base through code reviews

When programming software , not only is it acceptable to make mistakes, but it is also an opportunity to learn and grow. However, this only makes sense if the errors can be found and eliminated before the software goes into production .

Code reviews have been the most reliable method for improving code quality for years. If code reviews are not yet being performed, now is the time to start.


Code review is a methodical evaluation of code to find bugs and improve the overall quality of the software .
Although code reviews seem like another routine check, teams do much more than just identify bugs. Improved collaboration, enhanced learning, timely review of developed code , and streamlined development are the key benefits achieved through code reviews . It also serves as a guide for young developers to improve their skills and become a professional.

Why is a code review important? Why is a code review important?