Digitization – big buzzword! But what does digitization really mean?

Digitization here, digitization there - one hears about digitization all the time, but what does that actually mean? Why is digitization playing at all such a big role and why does it influence online marketing so enormously? We have picked up and followed the trail of digitization. Our Findings we want you in this Bring blog post closer and give helpful tips, how digitization can be used to Online marketing creates value to represent.

  • Digitization: what does digitization really mean?
  • Digitization: what does digitization really mean?
  • Digitization: what does digitization really mean?
  • Digitization: what does digitization really mean?
  • Digitization: what does digitization really mean?
Digitization: what does digitization really mean?
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What does digitization mean?

The Digitization is the process of converting analog values ​​to a digital format. An example would be the Conversion of an analog audio track in the MP3-Format, which then using a computer, or other digital media can be used in many ways. You can Process of digitization as a kind Metamorphosis designate in which the actual value of the medium, so that this easier recorded and one accessible to a wider audience can be done. in the commercial area become these digitized materials applied to the Promote business function.

What role does digitization play?

The use of digital Technologies is used in the commercial sphere, at a Changing the business model and creating new sales and value creation opportunities – an essential role is therefore ascribed to digitisation. 

This is particularly the case with the help of digitization strategic market advantages compared to the competition. Company, which strategically and professionally digitized, are theirs Competitors one step ahead. This can be seen particularly well, for example, in the area of (Online) marketing.

Digitization: what does digitization really mean?
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Digitization and marketing

Digitization probably plays the most important role in marketing. The great, growing and ever-changing online market consists exclusively of digitized content. The term marketing has grown with digitization. Especially that Online marketing now puts one like this comprehensive market, at which the well-organized companies that rely on professional online marketing achieve the best results and thus sales. The probably best-known examples of use of digitization in marketing:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google advertising
  • Facebook advertising
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Analytics
  • many more data analysis tools and platforms
Digitization: what does digitization really mean?
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Regarding a digital marketing it quickly becomes clear which one Aspects are the focus here:

  • Customer Feedback and Customer Support
    • A faster customer feedback and a faster customer support, through online tools and platforms. Direct interaction can take place.
  • Planning
    • Here is the short-term planning the "global players". on incalculable risks can be reacted to quickly, through short-term Planning strategies of available resources, which can be coordinated online. This often leads to a Competitive advantage.
  • Accessibility of customers
    • The Customers are thanks to digital marketing much easier to reach. Especially through Media such as PCs, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, etc Possibilities given that to address target groups at any time. In Within seconds can consumers, thanks to the Internet, himself over promoted and interesting articles inform.
  • Reach and recommendation among the target group
    • Meanwhile prevails on the established platforms (e.g. Amazon, Google, eBay, YouTube, etc.) a real one Referral Marketing. Be there Products tested directly by users, without being under a contract with any of the companies and valued accordingly. Good products establish themselves excellently here.
  • Digital branding
    • In digital marketing, branding is sometimes “pushed” so enormously that a brand and its offshoots extend the brand awareness and brand loyalty effect beyond their standard products.  
  • E learning benefits
    • E-learning platforms bring enormous added value for their interest groups and are one Source of productivity. Who in Wants to gain a foothold in online marketing, comes without access to Knowledge platforms no further. Likewise, self-created platforms specific “interest mobs” trigger and thus the image of an Increase institutions enormously.
  • Business intelligence expansion
    • Business intelligence is of great importance in global economies. A company with a reliable and consistent Business intelligence is prepared for all coming challenges. The expansion of this resource through digitization has already proven to be a powerful factor. 
  • Do business more efficiently
    • Become through digitization Closing gaps in efficiency in operations. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and monetary transactions throughout the production and transportation process lead to a Improvement of business processes.
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Still one Main focus the company is the Customer satisfaction. Through the digital information exchange via e-mail, push messages, SMS, newsletters, blogs, telemarketing and contact centers, will be enormous Customer satisfaction and safety generated.

Advantages of digitization

The Advantages of digitization are obvious, these are in particular:

  • Less expensive marketing: 
    • Smaller companies can with implement digital marketing within manageable budgets, to draw attention to products and services
  • Quantitative evaluation of results: 
    • Which Advertising expenditure leads to good and successful results
  • Precise targeting:
    • Targeted reaching of the appropriate consumer group
Digitization: what does digitization really mean?
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Digitization in marketing has Analytics platforms, available on digital marketing channels Foundation for future knowledge placed. Our Team of digital marketing experts can you up all levels market analysis and evaluation, strategy planning and process optimization for your company support. Of the digital market is constantly growing and with it the expansion of professional online marketing to companies bring strategic market benefits. If we can help you too, simply contact our online marketing experts.

Digitization: what does digitization really mean? Digitization: what does digitization really mean?