Twitter to X - name change or more?

In this blog post, we'll briefly explain the background behind why Twitter was renamed to X.

  • Twitter to X - Name change or more?
  • Twitter to X - Name change or more?
  • Twitter to X - Name change or more?
  • Twitter to X - Name change or more?
  • Twitter to X - Name change or more?
Twitter to X - Name change or more?
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Background: why Twitter was renamed X

Twitter has become an important social network over time, playing a significant role in the communication and dissemination of information around the world, but in July 2023, the company has undergone a radical transformation and has become X. Learn some of the reasons for the transformation here:

Privacy and security

Twitter's transformation into X began with an expanded focus on user privacy and security. At a time when privacy concerns were becoming increasingly important, the company decided to add robust encryption technologies to its platform and greatly reduce the collection of personal data. This allowed users to feel safer and have private conversations. In addition to protecting privacy, X also began an increased effort to combat misinformation and hate speech. By introducing a combination of artificial intelligence and human moderation, offensive and misleading content was effectively removed from the platform, resulting in a more positive and inclusive user experience.

Integration of real-time translation functions

Another important aspect of the transformation was the integration of real-time translation capabilities. X allows users to communicate in their own language while posts are automatically translated into the language of the recipient, breaking language barriers and fostering a global and diverse community.


In addition, X promoted a broader discussion of social issues and environmental concerns, and the platform provided spaces for civilized debate to effect real change. Hashtags were no longer used just for trending, but to promote solidarity and collective action


In terms of monetization, X opted for a decentralized financial structure, integrating cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology into the platform, which allowed users to pay for high-quality content while profiting from their own contributions.

Internal pressure and competition

Elon Musk has been under pressure for some time. Since taking over Twitter, he has cut the workforce in half, and the app has been repeatedly hit by bugs. Musk also says that advertising revenue has dropped by half. In addition, users accuse him of transforming Twitter from a platform for diversity of opinion into a right-wing libertarian echo chamber where reach can be bought through subscriptions. In addition, Musk has been facing a serious competitor in the form of Mark Zuckerberg's Threads for some weeks now.


Twitter's transformation to X was a step toward becoming an ethical, user-friendly, and inclusive platform. The new direction allows X to create a global community that strives for mutual support, respect, and social change. If you have any questions about Twitter's transformation to X and any adjustments you may need to make to your web presence, our team of experts is always available to help.

Twitter to X - Name change or more? Twitter to X - Name change or more?